Monday, October 17, 2016

Trail Monster Running Big Brad Ultras 2016

Trail Monster Running - BBU - October 16, 2016
50k & 50 Miler
Bradbury Mountain State Park & Pownal Elementary School - Pownal, Maine

It was a great weekend for the BBU this year. Saturday was a bright sunny and warm day and Sunday was to be just as nice. The leaf peepers were going to be out in full force again as the vibrant colorful foliage was nearing its end. 

Valerie, Mindy and Ian had been working hard to get things all organized and now it was Saturday and time to set up for all the incredible ultra runners that will be seeking the all so popular HOODY after completing their chosen distance.

Many volunteers arrived Saturday morning to help and we all got busy checking of tasks written on the list. Before too long it was basically ready to go. Course markings, leaf blowing, start/finish line, timing area, aid stations, drop bags......all was ready. 

Jamie and Kate had planned to camp at the Bradbury Campground so i roped then into hiking and checking the portion of the course that runners would be traversing in dark conditions. We had a great hike and a ton of fun........"Porcupine Poop, Porcupine Poop, i smell porcupine poop"......hahahaha. The new section of the course through the boulder field prompted some song from Squatch. we then enjoyed some spirits and a campfire before rest for the night.

Sunday morning arrived and we were all up early to be at the Pownal Elementary School at 4am to set up registration and get the venue awoken for runners arriving. Soon the gymnasium was full of life and eager runners. 

Volunteers filtered to their assigned tasks. It's simply amazing to see volunteers jump into action and just know what needs to be done to help care for these runners and keep them happy, fed, fueled, safe and moving forward to their goal. 

I have been part of this amazing group for 6 years and they have all become my family. I am so fortunate to be a pert of the family. There is never a day i am not impressed with the devotion and friendship they offer. Trail Monsters are the best. 

Here are a few photos from the weekend, but there are so many more. 

Thanks for all the fun and memories again this year everyone. I look forward to next year, who knows, maybe next year i will run the event again. Congrats to all my TMR teammates for an awesome job and efforts in their events. You all are badasses. Rest, Recover and Reflect. 

See you all next year in October to celebrate ultra running again at the Brad BBU.

Halfbomb out.

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