Monday, November 21, 2016

TMR - Till We Meet in Hell VII

TMR - Till We Meet in Hell VII

November 20, 2016

Thorncraig Bird Sanctuary, Trail Monster Running end of season run and gathering.

The end of season gathering came a little earlier than normal this year, at least earlier than those that i have had the opportunity to be a part of. Saturday the day before was a gorgeous day with temps in the high 50's and it was a little teaser of warmth in late November. Unfortunately the weather would not hold for the TWMiH event. 

Woke up Sunday bright and early to get things ready and pack my car. I had completed the TMR season slide show so i had things to bring along to present the slide show. I walked out my door to load the car and realized it was raining so i needed to rethink my gear for the run. Rain has never stopped this group before so i knew it would still be a great turn-out, which it was.

The chart was completed by Valerie and handicaps figured by Jeff, all was set for an exciting run. 

The TMR flag was set, the Demer music was on and the run began. I heard many stories, fun and laughs throughout the Thorncraig woods as we all ran the course. An hour and half to get in what you can. Some took off with competition in their eyes and having fun challenging each other, others enjoying the woods and the company. Their were young and older this day. The kids hiked, walked and one ran a few loops.

It got a bit chilly during the run, especially after the hour and half stopped. Everyone headed for their cars to change into dry clothes and head to Guthries for food, spirits, fun and hanging out with friends. Others that could not be at the run attended at Guthries. It was a great crowd and always love seeing everyone together having fun, laughing, being silly and just enjoying each others company. 

Great food, slide show rolled on, awards were given for the run. Ryan and Ian gave their end of season presentation of everyone's accomplishments and how the season went. We are all looking forward to the newest TMR event, Riverlands 100. Scout and Squirrel are heading the charge and have this event well organized and participants registered already. 

It was a great season and i feel so very fortunate to have so many amazing friends surrounding me. They are all incredible and i look forward to seeing and hearing of what 2017 will bring. I can't wait to take more of my blurry pictures, hahaha, and meet in hell next year to celebrate.